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Frequently Asked Questions

It sometimes happens that a participant does not get a confirmation after registration, but is just registered. Please send an email to so we can check it for you. If you are registered, we will make sure you still receive the e-ticket at the email address you provided.

This is no problem at all. Up to two weeks before the event, you can send an email to to have your old ticket refunged. You can purchase a new ticket yourself in your dashboard.

Nice! Send us an email ( and we'll set it up for you.

You can register no later than Friday, September 22. But note: full is full....

Choose the same time slot during registration and you'll be fine! Provided you don't lose sight of each other during the tour, of course.

Are you really sure? The Climate Classic is a life changing event, so I would sleep on it. In case you are really determined that you won't make it this year ... of course we are very sorry.

In case of cancellation up to 10 days before the event (until September 13, 2023), the cancellation fee is the amount of your purchased cycling apparel. This covers our costs for the shirt and socks (due to pre-order), shipping and handling. If you manage to find a substitute there is no cancellation fee. Please note: the cycling jersey cannot be exchanged in terms of size with a substitute. 

Beyond 10 days (from Sept. 14, 2023), the cancellation fee is 100%. In all cases, we will send your reordered merchandise by mail.

Search your mailbox for an email from Can't find the mail? Then send an email with your information to We will look for the tickets for you and resend them to the mail address you provided.

Of course not. Climate change belongs to all of us, so everyone can ride along. Children (up to 18 years old) should always ride accompanied by an adult (18+). 

Of course, you can also cycle the tour in pairs (half each): After all, 180 kilometers is also a nice distance. If you then share an electric car, you have solved your transportation and luggage problem too! However, because of food and shirt and socks you both need to register.

Probably not, so bring a battery pack and charging cord just to be sure!

The route will not be signposted. We rely on all participants being able to get by with a garmin or other bicycle navigation device. 

We will still send the final routes and will be on the website. At the break locations there will be simple technical support. So make sure your bike, and yourself, are in top condition!

The route ends in Antwerp. 

Clothing will be available for you at the start location.

Corporate teams will receive their kits two weeks before the march.