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Province Relay


The Climate Classic's motto is " Time Is Our Only Challenge.

The tour passes through 7 of the 12 Dutch provinces, crossing the provinces of Drenthe and Gelderland twice.

Because climate change can only be halted through cooperation, this year we are also organizing a relay race in which the provinces must work together to ensure that they will finish before sunset in Groningen.

In doing so, each province will cycle "their" part of the tour with a deputy and/or a broader delegation and pass the baton and their Carbon Commitment to the provincial border. 

The starting signal will be given tightly at 05.30 by deputy Wil van Pinxteren, after which state secretary Stientje van Veldhoven, together with the delegation from Brabant and Gelderland, will hand over the baton to deputies Arne Schaddelee and Huib van Essen of the province of Utrecht. In the North, deputies Sietske Poepjes (Friesland) and Nienke Homan (Groningen) together with alderman Philip Broeksma will ensure that the march is accomplished.  

The carbon commitments will be presented in Groningen to Michel Scholte, the Minister of New Economy.

The relay will be supervised by Rik van Huik, climate expert and employed by the Fietskoerier Utrecht.

On June 14, the relay can be followed live here

The participants

👉 Would you like to be part of the relay and cycle 'your' part? 👈
Let us know and we'll put you in touch with your province's leader. Mail us

As the schedule below shows, participants will have to pedal hard to arrive in Groningen on time.
The exact exchange locations can be found here.

The relay is made possible by the participating provinces and the Bicycle Courier Utrecht