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Climate Promise

With the Climate Classic we not only want to draw attention to the climate, we also want to make a real impact. You contribute to this by making a Climate Promise and share it in your network. You will be asked for this during your registration.

What will you do to reduce your CO2 emissions? Eat no meat for a month, help yourself or your neighborhood get solar panels, join an energy cooperative or put pressure on the fossil industry through Follow This?

Your Climate Pledge Counts. Together we take action for the climate!


It starts with understanding your own footprint. So check out the My Hidden Impact website. Ideal for understanding your current footprint. 

More importantly, you'll also find out right away what's the best thing to do if you want to get started on sustainability effectively. 

Nice inspiration for your Climate Promise!

With your Climate Pledge, you reduce your carbon footprint. And maybe that of friends/family too!

Not sure yet what climate action you want to take to reduce your footprint? 

Are you cycling in the Climate Classic? Then you can fill in your Climate Promise during the registration process.