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Climate Classic 2023

On Sunday, June 18, 2023, lots of sustainable cyclists will cycle 210 kilometers*. A ride along the coastline that is created in Belgium when the sea level rises too far. A coastline that as far as we are concerned should never become reality.

We can't wait any longer to call attention to sea level rise and its consequences for a lot of Belgians. Last century, the sea level already rose by 20 centimeters. This century, it threatens to rise another 80 centimeters. We must prevent this at all costs.

The Dutch edition will take place on June 19, click here for more info.

* 110 km route also possible.

Check out last year's Climate Classic here! 

The Climate Classic 2022 is made possible in part by:

Why do we cycle along this coastline?

We use the coastline as a metaphor because it makes it clear that climate change can have a real impact and that it could affect everyone in Belgium. 

At the same time, our bike ride shows that with cooperation, speed and perseverance we can achieve a great deal. These same aspects play a role in tackling climate change. Only together can we prevent this new coastline from becoming a reality.

The route is not signposted. We trust that all participants can get by with a garmin or gpx reader. The routes will be announced a week before the ride.

There will be simple technical support at the break locations: So make sure your bike, and yourself, are in top condition!

* information on sea level rise can be found here.

The routes


The stripes you see here in the background represent the global
temperature change since 1850. Click here for more info.